Who is Vizyon Kauçuk?

Vizyon Kauçuk ve Kaplama San.Tic. Ltd. Şti. has been serving for packaging, iron and steel, paper, corrugated cardboard, textile, leather, mining industries in the rubber roll coating sector since 2009.

Our company works with partners who have experience and confidence in rubber and chemicals all over the world.

Our Service

Rubber Coating

Our company provides Rubber Coating services from 25 Shore A to 95 Shore A as Nitrile, Silicone, Neoprene, Epdm, Haypolon and Natural Rubber.

Metal Roll Production

We offer metal roll production service in the range of 500 mm in diameter to 3500 mm in height.

Grinding and Bombage Grinding

Bombage and Flat Grinding processes up to 5 meters length 800 diameter are carried out in maximum precision.

Opening channels

We are your solution partner with precise channel opening methods.

Banana Roller Production

Banana rollers are manifactured together with its the inner part and the casing.
It is used as opening rollers in sectors such as packaging, plastic, textile.

Polyurethane Coating

35 Shore A – 98 Shore A polyurethane coatings of roll  coatings, plates, mold springs, couplings, strippers, wheels, sieves and all sorts of products are made precisely.

Sleeve Coating

Coating and grinding processes of lamination print sleeves, rotogravure print sleeves and flexo print sleeves are done with precision.

Bandobar Production

Support bandobars mounted on the edges of the conveyor belts so that they do not spill the products on the conveyor during transport.